In my seminar ‘worlds on wire’ I show how to bring artworks to an audience using digital worlds. How to explore, to create and ‘to trim’ aspects for your personal approach. As this field is nearly unlimited as creativity is I have worked out ‘an agenda’ to focus on the aspects one needs. In case you dont find your questions answered in the pages of this blog just send me an e-mail mailto:

Reiner Schneeberger

born 1957 in Munich. Tutoring computerart first time in 1976 at the University of Munich to students of ‘art education’ (Lehrstuhl fuer Kunsterziehung, Prof. Hans Daucher). In 2009 first time seminar ‘Avatarkunst’ at the University of Malta for students of ‘the art programme’ of the faculty of Art and Languages. More information you may find at the blog ‘‘. A list of publications is available on request.

Reiner holds an MBA in computer technology (informatics), communications and political science. He worked at Control Data Corporation Group (USA) and Computer Power Group (Australia) in various fields for 10 years and was head of consulting & training. Clients in his seminars about ‘the future of information technology and the requirements on specialists working there’ he performed (together with Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Kreuzer) have been from Mercedes Benz, Allianz, Siemens and many persons from institutions in government and science. He has been certified by Ned Herrmann as a ‘Brain Dominance Instrument’ teacher and advanced consultant in building teams for product development.

This artwork is inspired by persons he met and consulted over quite a long time period are Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke, Konrad Zuse, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Hermann Oberth. Reiner is a lifelong member of Bremer Kunsthalle where some of this early artworks are collected. You can see them in the background on the wall of this picture:

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