The seminar ‘worlds on wire’ show how art can be presented in digital worlds. These worlds are ‘walkable’ and have at least ‘3 dimensions’. Due to the importance the internet has gained such worlds usally can be accessed via the internet. All you need is to download a viewer that is able to access such worlds.

In my seminar ‘worlds on wire’ we use “opensimulator’ technology. These technology is wideley used and accepted in different fields like medicine, teaching and scientific research. The range of institutions using ‘opensimulator’ is wide and the motivation to use them varies. So there are different versions of ‘opensimulator’ in use.

A ‘viewer’ for worlds based on ‘opensimulator’ can access all of them as there is a ‘login’ information for the viewer that connects the viewer with the specific world that someone wants to visit and walk-in. In my seminar ‘worlds on wire’ I use the ‘FirstGrid’ viewer provided by WVIPRM (World Virtual Institute for Preventive and Regenerative Medicine). This viewer supports sculptures but is not suporting ‘mesh extentions’ as mesh is not needed for the audience and participants I adress in ny seminar ‘worlds on wire’. Nevertheless one is free to use whatever viewer the person likes. The way to use a viewer stays the same.

There could be filled pages with information and giving instructions and agenda, but will this will show you the ‘big story that has to be told in life’? You may think you are ‘too old’, you have ‘not enough’ knowledge in using a PC or that ‘your art’ does not fit to meet ‘the changes’ that happen daily in our life. But in case you are still searching to meet new frontiers, then get inspired by the results of kids between 10 and 14 years …

See the catalogue of the ‘Primexplorer kids’ as PDF (7,8 MByte)

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