Welcome at Cap San Diego

My next workshops will be at ‘Cap San Diego’ Hamburg 26.09., 27.09. and 28.09.2012. There is a printed card available. For your convenience you find here a copy to download:

Time schedule:

Seminar A: 26.09.2012: 10.30 h until 18.00 h (with some breaks)

Seminar B: 27.09.2012: 10.30 h until 18.00 h (For artists only)

Seminar kompakt: 28.09.2012: 10.30 h until 14.00 h (for IT professionals) 

You will be able to bring you personal story about you, your art, your mission to life. For ever. In the computer.

And … there will be a printed  catalogue for you to show and use …

As the seminar at Cap San Diego is intended for German speaking participants, the information Seminarinformation_WoW….